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State of the Environment

The State of the Environment evaluates specific data and trends in five environmental categories: Air, Energy, Land, Waste, and Water. Within each category, several specific quantitative indicators are evaluated using available data, trends in the data are assessed, and specific action items that residents can practice to make each specific indicator more “positive” are identified. The five general environmental categories, as well as the specific environmental indicators evaluated, were selected by an interactive process. Berks Nature established subcommittees for each category with each subcommittee headed by a professional with substantial experience in the specific field. These subcommittees discussed candidate indicators and narrowed down the list of indicators to be used to 4-5 specific indicators where quantitative data were available.

While we could have selected many indicators regarding the health of the environment, our panel of experts chose the 25 contained in this report as a start. We pursued measureable, actionable data that would allow individuals, corporations and organizations to see where they could make lifestyle changes that would have increasingly positive effects on our local environment, the state, the country and the world. We used a third party consultant to research and write up the indicators and data. While we have tried to be as neutral as possible, obviously Berks Nature has a bias toward environmental conservation and protection. Rest assured, the data contained in this report is accurate and the facts will ultimately speak for themselves. We hope you learn something new, consider changing some of your behaviors as a result, and we invite you to become engaged in our work and that of other conservation and environmental organizations; the health of our community depends on it.

Since the inception of the State of the Environment, other reports have been created to show the correlation between the economy and the environment and healthy living and the environment. Download the reports below to read more!

2022: Extreme Weather - Effects of Climate on Everyday Life

View sources used in the 2022 State of the Environment publication HERE

View Lauren Casey’s presentation on extreme weather and climate change HERE

2021: Make a Difference - Grow Natives for Climate & Wildlife

View Doug Tallamy’s presentation at our 2021 State of the Environment Breakfast HERE!

2020: Healing in Nature

View our 2020 State of the Environment Healing in Nature Town Hall Meeting Recordings HERE (11/19) and HERE (11/20).

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2018: Year 10 Report
2017: Be a Good Neighbor
2016: Stories in Sustainability from Berks County Business Leaders
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2012: Business of Nature
2011: State of the Environment Volume 2
2010: State of the Environment

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