Cacoosing Creek Dam Removal Project

The Cacoosing Creek dam is located at the corner of the Tulpehocken Road and Paper Mill Road in Spring and Lower Heidelberg Townships, Berks County, PA. The Paper Mill Dam (Cacoosing Creek Dam) lies approximately 525 feet upstream of the confluence with the Tulpehocken Creek. The Paper Mill Dam removal project is cited as a priority project in the Berks County Conservation District’s Coldwater Conservation Plan for the Cacoosing Creek Watershed.

Berks Nature is a partner with American Rivers, Trout Unlimited, and the Berks County Conservation District on this project to remove the Papermill/Cacoosing Creek dam. The goal of this project is to restore the ecological integrity of this creek corridor which includes restoring aquatic connectivity for fish and other aquatic life in the stream and reestablishing a cohesive riparian forest habitat.

Dams are regulated by DEP (PA Department of Environmental Protection). The Division of Dam Safety provides for the regulation and safety of dams and reservoirs throughout the Commonwealth in order to protect the health, safety and welfare of its citizens and their property. This project has already received all permits and approvals from the DEP and other governing agencies. American Rivers is responsible for the work and permitting related to the dam removal. Please contact American Rivers with concerns related to the dam deconstruction and removal.

Berks Nature is responsible for riparian habitat restoration following dam removal. This restoration involves planting and maintaining native trees and shrubs along the Cacoosing Creek to increase canopy cover and shade thus reducing instream temperatures and restoring other natural processes exhibited by healthy streams protected by forested riparian buffer forests. Please contact us with any concerns regarding these issues.

The PA Fish and Boat Commission is also involved with the project and is in charge of all fish, reptile, and amphibian concerns. Please contact them with any concerns involving this. And the PA Game Commission is in charge of all mammal and bird including waterfowl concerns. Please contact PA Game Commission with any concerns or questions involving mammals and birds.

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