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Berks Nature Eco-Camp

2024 Registration for both Eco-Camp at The Nature Place and Eco-Camp at Hamburg are LIVE!

At Berks Nature, we believe that nature is essential to our quality of life. The Eco-Camp summer camp was created to provide a fun and engaging experience for children to grow their understanding of and commitment to the stewardship of our earth. Eco-Campers will play their way through environmental education activities, explore the great outdoors with respect for nature’s delicate ecosystems, and learn about green, sustainable living.

Berks Nature’s Eco-Camp is led by a team of veteran teachers, supported by members of our staff. Click here to get to know the camp leaders your child will be working with and meet the Berks Nature staff.

Miss Anne (Anne Muvdi), Director of Nature Preschool at The Nature Place, also serves as our Camp Director. Together, Anne and her team of teachers and counselors will coordinate the camp curriculum and schedules, as well as facilitate and lead our campers’ learning.

We are thrilled that you have elected to send your child to Berks Nature Eco-Camp! We know you have many options and appreciate your trust in caring for your child and enriching their lives through a connection with nature.

For more information about Berks Nature’s Eco-Camp, please contact our Director of Eco-Camp Anne Muvdi.

610-372-4992 x115


Please note, all registration must be done online. Secure your child’s place and register them today through our easy, online portal!

Register for Eco-Camp at The Nature Place!
Register for Eco-Camp at Hamburg!

Meet our Education Staff!

Berks Nature’s Summer Eco-Camp is led by a team of veteran teachers, supported by members of our staff! Get to know our camp leaders…
Learn more. >>

Eco-Camp at The Nature Place

The original Berks Nature Eco-Camp held amidst the 90 acres of Angelica Creek Park. Learn more. >>

Eco-Camp at Hamburg

A true adventurer’s experience! A full-day summer camp spent entirely outdoors at Kaercher Creek Park just east of Hamburg. Learn more. >>

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