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Meet Our Education Staff

Anne Muvdi – Nature Preschool Director and Eco-Camp Director

Anne joined the Berks Nature staff in September of 2017 as Nature Preschool and Summer Eco-Camp Director. Previously, she taught both kindergarten and first grade in the William Penn School District outside of Philadelphia PA. Anne earned a BS in Early Childhood N-3, a Master of Education in Reading, and completed 24 credit hours towards her Principal/Administrative certification.

Anne’s love of children has carried throughout her adult life and influences every professional decision she makes. Her understanding and passion for exposing young children to nature are what brought her to Berks Nature. After joining the Berks Nature team, Anne earned a professional development Nature-Based Teacher Certification. This workshop highlighted the positive impacts daily contact with nature has on children’s social, psychological, academic, and physical health. Whether running, hiking, or biking. Anne expresses her own love of the outdoors by utilizing the parks and trails in and around Berks County.

Joan Marten – Preschool Lead Counselor

Joan joined Berks Nature as a part-time employee for Eco-Camp and the Nature Preschool in 2019. In August of 2020, she became a full-time lead teacher for the preschool. Joan studied at Kutztown University and began coursework toward a degree in elementary and early childhood education. While living in the Pittsburgh area, she coached gymnastics and taught in a PreK classroom at Westminster Preschool in Upper St. Clair.

Moving back to Berks County, Joan applied her paraprofessional expertise in an elementary special education classroom (learning/autistic support). She also coached for the Girls on the Run program. In addition, Joan holds a professional development Nature-Based Teacher Certification from the Eastern Region Association of Forest and Nature Schools.

Joan knows that interacting with nature and incorporating it daily in the preschool allows children to learn by doing. Children benefit in a multitude of ways, such as improving academic achievements, learning engagement, critical thinking, confidence, and social, emotional, and physical skills. Her passion for teaching young children, an active lifestyle, and a love of the outdoors make Berks Nature the perfect fit for Joan.

Jenn Bartley – K-5th Grade Lead Counselor

Jenn joined Berks Nature as an assistant preschool teacher in 2021. She has more than two decades of experience working with children birth through teens in a variety of capacities. Jenn found she enjoys working with preschoolers the most due to their enthusiasm and natural curiosity. Jenn has a four-year degree from Eastern University and her CDA for preschool aged children. As a passionate outdoor enthusiast and conservationist, working with Berks Nature Preschool creates the opportunity to merge personal values and professional career educating young children in a nature-based setting.

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