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Trail Updates

Planning a hike and want to know the latest trail conditions/closures? See suspicious activity on one of our trails? Let us know! Learn more. >>

Preserve Info

Berks Nature owns and manages 4 public preserves around Berks County. See what they’re about and view trail maps here! Learn more. >>

Greater Reading Trails

The Greater Reading Trail Partnership, led by Berks Nature, represents numerous organizations and agencies that work together to connect all of Greater Reading’s fantastic, and under-utilized, natural resources and trails. Learn more. >>

Please be advised, hunting is permitted by permission only on all Berks Nature public preserves.

The PA Game Commission (PAGC) regulates all hunting throughout the state.  All hunters are expected to follow established rules/regulations set forth by PAGC.

Berks Nature’s preserves are located within Wildlife Management Unit 5C, for which the following days have been designated for hunting:

  • Archery: Sept. 16-Nov. 11, Sunday Nov. 12, Nov. 13-18, Sunday Nov. 19, Nov. 20-24 and Dec. 26-Jan. 27, 2024
  • Muzzleloader: Oct. 14-21
  • Regular Firearms: Nov. 25; Sunday, Nov. 26; and Nov. 27-Dec. 9
  • Flintlock and Extended Regular Firearms: Dec. 26-Jan. 27, 2024
For your safety while enjoying our public preserves, please practice the following responsible actions during the hunting season:
  • Be aware! Hunters typically hunt in the morning and early evening hours when deer are most active.
  • Wear fluorescent orange-colored clothing or other highly visible clothing (avoid white) from mid-September through the end of January.  This goes for pets too!
  • Bring a source of light to draw extra attention to yourself.
  • Although extreme, in an abundance of caution we recommend avoiding recreational activity on our preserves during the regular firearm, deer hunting season, except for non-hunting Sundays.

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