Land Protection

oleyhills1Land use decisions control our quality of life and that of future generations.

Land use decisions affect each and every one of us. No doubt, you’ve been faced with at least one of the following issues – A new housing development that adds to traffic congestion during your commute and loss of your favorite scenic view. Zoning changes that control what can be constructed or restricted in your community. Strict controls of your water supply during drought conditions in the summer months. School tax increase due to a growing district population leading to the construction of a new school. Demolition of a historical landmark in your community to make way for new construction.

These are critical issues that relate to our quality of life. Berks Nature advocates for balance – the delicate balance between protecting that which is important to today and developing that which is important for tomorrow.

We work with landowners to permanently protect land from development, townships and boroughs on zoning issues, developers to promote sensible growth in Berks, and we own and manage thousands of acres. We encourage you to learn about our activities and get involved in your community – you can make a difference.