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Berks Nature Ambassadors

Each year, Berks Nature trains a group of volunteers to be trained as “Berks Nature Ambassadors”. What does this mean? It means that you will receive basic training related to all of the good conservation work that we do. Upon completion of your training, you will officially become a volunteer Berks Nature Ambassador. Learn more. >>

Field Trip Info

Connect your students to nature by taking an educational hike through the wetland trails that surround The Nature Place. Get your hands dirty in the garden, our outdoor classroom or our two indoor classrooms inside The Nature Place. Learn more. >>

Homeschooling Program

Berks Nature offers private classes to homeschooling groups with programs tailor-made to your interests! Learn more. >>

State of the Environment

The State of the Environment evaluates specific data and trends in five environmental categories in Berks County: Air, Energy, Land, Waste, and Water. Each year, Berks Nature holds a breakfast where we evaluate these trends. Learn more. >>

Scouting Programs

Berks Nature is proud to offer opportunities for scouts of all ages to earn badges and learn in nature at The Nature Place! Learn more. >>

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