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Angelica Creek Watershed Association

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A program of Berks Nature, Angelica Creek Watershed Association is made up of volunteers with a mission to preserve, protect, and restore Angelica Creek Watershed. Our volunteers encourage stewardship through scientific practices and education.

Joining the Schuylkill River just south of the City of Reading, the 7.79-mile-long Angelica Creek winds through some of the most beautiful areas of Cumru and Brecknock townships, along with the boroughs of Kenhorst and Shillington. It’s one of the most forested watersheds in Berks County and has numerous opportunities for recreational and educational activities. Berks Nature’s “The Nature Place” environmental education center in Angelica Creek Park serves as a hub for environmental education for students of all ages, along with Nolde Forest State Park’s Environmental Education Center. Angelica Creek also provides outdoor classroom opportunities for the Governor Mifflin School District, along with Alvernia and Albright universities.

Since forming in 2015, Angelica Creek Watershed Association has…

  • Planted over 40 large trees along Angelica Creek.
  • Removed over 120 tires and tons of trash from the creek’s edge.
  • Begun the process to assist Cumru Township and Mifflin Park Elementary to name two of Angelica’s previously unnamed tributaries.
  • Conducted physical, biological, and chemical monitoring in and around the watershed.
  • Educated hundreds of people about the stream environment and its relationship to water quality.

Interested in getting involved in Angelica Creek Watershed Association?

Become a member, and/or volunteer for one of our upcoming activities, including stream clean-ups, tree plantings or water monitoring. We welcome volunteers from all walks of life – a scientific background is not required!

Become a Water Monitor: Familiarize yourself with the water quality and aquatic life in Angelica Creek. Help collect valuable data to help make informed decisions about local resources. Water Monitors can become involved in the following activities:

  • Water sampling: ACWA will provide the training and equipment to assess water quality through regular and periodic physical and chemical testing.
  • Macroinvertebrate Sampling: Periodic comparative sampling of the macroscopic stream fauna can help gauge basic water quality and changes in the system.
  • Fish and Vertebrate Studies: Cataloging and photo-documenting species occurring within the watershed is imperative to understanding the health of the ecosystem.

Riparian Repair & Invasive Maneuvers: Re-establishing and extending the zone of vegetation surrounding Angelica Creek waterways is a practical and aesthetic way to improve water quality. Volunteers are needed for the following:

  • Tree-plantings and removal of invasive, non-native vegetation.
  • Locating areas where riparian buffers can be re-established or extended.
  • Take part in recreational clean-ups.

Educational Opportunities: Promote drinking water protection and responsible choices about environmental issues affecting the watershed through the following:

  • Advocate and educate the public and municipalities on the importance and best management practices of stormwater runoff. Promote agricultural and forest land protection.
  • Conduct or participate in local educational activities for children and adults.

How you can help your watershed at home:

  • Install a rain barrel to collect the storm water draining from your roof.
  • Mow less, grow more. Reduce the amount of non-native grasses and plant native vegetation on your property.
  • Compost your yard, food, and paper waste.
  • When gardening, use fertilizers sparingly. Avoid all together the use of pesticides and weed killers. When needed, opt for natural and certified organic varieties.
  • Allow a buffer of native vegetation to grow along streams, ponds, or wetlands.

Become A Member

For more information on becoming a member or getting involved with the Angelica Creek Watershed Association, contact Berks Nature Education & Watershed Specialist Michael Griffith at 610-372-4992 ext. 108, or

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