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Trail Updates

NOW COMPLETE (Safe to utilize this area!): Construction on Neversink Mountain Preserve

(Septebmer 15, 2023)

Please be advised: There will be construction work on Neversink Mountain Preserve in the vicinity of the McIlvane Pavilion beginning on September 18, 2023. Please stay clear of construction activities while enjoying the public trails of Neversink Mountain until this work is completed.

Now Complete: MetEd Utility Tower Maintenance on Neversink Mountain

(March 17, 2023)

We are pleased to share that the MetEd utility tower maintenance on Neversink Mountain has been completed. You can now resume enjoying the full expanse of Neversink Mountain’s trail system!

MetEd Utility Tower Maintenance on Neversink Mountain Starting in August 2022

Please note that MetEd will be replacing utility towers on Neversink Mountain, which also requires vegetation mowing, tree trimming, and access construction with heavy equipment. You can expect to notice these activities in the area from 27th and Fairview through South 20th Street to the Empire Wrecking Dump, primarily along the electrical transmission line right of way. Berks Nature recommends that trail users avoid the areas closest to this construction and the electrical transmission line right of way, which includes the St. Lawrence Trail, Promenade Trail, and southern portion of the Neversink Trail. Construction expected through October 2022.

The Neversink Mountain Trails Assessment produced by Trails Solutions is now available!


In light of the growing appearance of unsanctioned trails, Berks Nature enlisted the assistance of Trails Solutions (of the International Mountain Biking Association) at the end of 2021 to prepare a comprehensive trail assessment for the Neversink Mountain Preserve. Through a series community meetings and trail surveys, Trails Solutions produced a report of recommendations to improve Neversink Mountain’s existing trail network in the spring of 2022. Berks Nature will take these recommendations into consideration as we continue to redesign and implement a sustainable trails system for Neversink Mountain over the next several years.

This report and the completion of Neversink Mountain’s trail assessment represents the first step towards our shared vision for the Neversink Mountain Preserve and Community Forest – one with trails the meet the entire community’s needs while prioritizing the health and resiliency of this precious ecosystem.

IF YOU SEE ATV/DIRT BIKES on Neversink Mountain or any preserve:

    • Call the police at 911 and note the time and location.
  • Give a specific description about what you saw, how it made you feel (unsafe, threatened etc.).
  • Do this every time you see the illegal activity.
  • Tell everyone you meet on the trail to do so as well.

If you notice a pattern of behavior and/or an entrance/exit point for these vehicles, please share that with the police and us at

Hopefully together, we can populate the mountain with positive, passive users of this beautiful natural resource and eliminate those few who have little respect and wish to destroy the habitat. Thank you.

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