Urban Greening

Berks Nature’s Berks Urban Greening Community Gardening Program transforms vacant lots into healthy green community spaces & gardens.

This provides opportunities for residents to grow their own vegetables, herbs, & flowers. Community gardens are attractive green spaces in urban areas for residents to enjoy. A community garden changes the aesthetics & the spirit of a community.

Eisenbrown Street Garden
Key role in bringing members of this community together.

Buttonwood Street (Eunie’s Garden)
Occupied by the community in the 6th Ward.

Glenside Community Garden
34 plot garden for the residents of Glenside Homes. Nestled in the back corner, this garden provides a niche of green in a very developed area.

Kennedy Towers Community Garden
Many friendships started from residents working together in this community garden. Some plots
are raised garden beds for wheelchair accessibility.

North 6th Street Garden
Located within the boundaries of the Centre Park Historic District.

Opportunity House Community Garden
Gathering site for local residents along with members of Opportunity House.

Reading Iron Community Garden
Provides residents a clean, safe place to commune and share gardening ideas and produce located next to the community playground.

Angelica Garden
This garden located in Angelica Creek Park is presently utilized as a learning garden for the
Berks Nature Eco-Camp.