*TRAIL ALERT, November, 2019: IT IS HUNTING SEASON! Wear orange in hunting season for Preserve visitation. Our Preserves are surrounded by private lands over which we have no control of hunting. Illegal hunting is possible at any Preserve. Most hunting occurs between daylight to 9AM and 3PM until sunset. If any illegal hunting is encountered call the local police. If you are opposed to Sunday hunting and impacts to other outdoor recreational activities like hiking, contact your local PA representatives and make your concerns known!

NOTE: The entrance cable at the Malickson Preserve will be closed and there will be no access for parking at the Preserve due to ongoing illegal hunting issues that could jeopardize visitors.

*TRAIL CLOSURE – Starting January, the Angelica Creek Trail extension and Thun Trail will be closed from the Brentwood Drive to the rear gate of the Waste Water Treatment Plant. Construction is scheduled to be completed by September 2020.

IF YOU SEE ATV/DIRT BIKES on Neversink Mountain or any preserve:

  • Call the police at 911 and note the time and location.
  • Give a specific description about what you saw, how it made you feel (unsafe, threatened etc.)
  • Do this every time you see the illegal activity.
  • Tell everyone you meet on the trail to do so as well.
  • If you notice a pattern of behavior and/or an entrance/exit point for these vehicles please share that with the police and us at

Hopefully together, we can populate the mountain with positive, passive users of this beautiful natural resource and eliminate those few who have little respect and wish to destroy the habitat. Thank you.

Berks Nature’s vision for the Greater Reading Trails is that we can assist the County in implementing the County Greenway, Park and Recreation plan for the metro region of Berks County, specifically “Greater Reading”. We believe in enhancing our public greenway and recreational opportunities to enhance the quality of life in Berks County. We expect that ultimately, through greater use and appreciation of these natural resources and recreational assets by our citizens, improved stewardship and interest in the environment will ensue.

Neversink Mountain Preserve
The City of Reading is fortunate to be surrounded by several natural treasures including: Neversink Mountain, Mount Penn, and the Schuylkill River. Hikes on Neversink Mountain provide breathtaking vistas for enjoyment by all Berks County residents and visitors, most popular are the City Overlook and the Witches Hat (McIlvain Pavilion). Neversink Mountain is home to an abundance of flora and fauna. Berks Nature manages the 900-acre mountain for both people and wildlife. During your visit you may encounter deer, turkeys, a variety of birds, small mammals, amphibians – and Neversink Mountain is known for a diverse population of butterflies and moths. Click here to download a new trail map.

Gravity Trail
The Gravity Trail connects the Neversink Mountain Preserve to the county-owned Antietam Lake Park. Traveling through City of Reading owned Pendora Park, Mineral Spring Park and Egelman’s Park, there are many opportunities to picnic and rest in the public parks and pavilions. This linear trail can be hiked in one direction if you shuttle cars, or you can pick a section to create an out-and-back hike. Click here to download a new trail map.

Earl Poole Sanctuary
This 30+ acre Berks Nature-owned property is the result of a generous land donation in the late 1970’s. The site is managed for wildlife and includes a barn, trails, wooded areas, a stream, picnic areas, and is a popular birding site. We look forward to sharing this special place with you and introducing you to the native wildflowers, birds, and insects that call our property “home”. This property is perfect for quiet nature walks. Click here to download a new trail map.

Angelica Creek Trail
Angelica Creek Trail connects to Kenhorst Borough, Angelica Creek Park and the Schuylkill River Trail. Users can walk, bike, and enjoy the wonderful 1 mile pathway to the city-owned 90-acre Angelica Creek Park, educational wetlands and future Environmental Exploration Center. Be on the look out for wildlife along the trail. Click here to download a trail map.