Things to Avoid if you want to build an Authority Blog

There are numerous ethical and unethical ways to boost domain authority. But why traffic is so important because traffic is the only thing which drives business for your blog. Every blogger wants to build an Authority Blog and want to do something big in a very short time.

If you are one of the guys who is thinking to build an Authority Blog then you must be aware of some of the basic things which you should avoid.

Avoid the Following things

Never do over commenting

Commenting is one of the easiest ways to make the good backlinks. For building an Authority Blog this is must to do the task. By commenting you will not only get the backlinks but good online exposure also.

Make sure you are using correct grammar while doing commenting on other blogs. You must use Grammarly Coupon to get the discount on best grammar correction app and use it effectively.

Avoid: If you are doing too many comments in a single day then its time to STOP! Because Google crawls the data each day and index the websites on daily basis. If in crawling they will notice that you are making too many backlinks then this can be a bad sign for you.

See your Niche

You must be aware of the Niche of your blog. There must be a clear vision in your mind about the niche of your blog. You can find some Authority Blog on your niche by searching on Google very easily. If you are having a tech blog then there is no worry for you as every 3rd blog is a tech blog these days :).

Avoid :  Don’t do commenting on the blogs which are not from your niche either it is PR8 or PR9. because Google is much smarter than you.

Don’t use Fiverr

Using Fiverr for making the backlinks was the biggest mistake of mine. I heard about the Fiverr and saw some gigs that they can make backlinks very fast and even thousands of backlinks just in 2-3 days. After seeing Fiverr I was super excited that I got something big and my blog is going to get a very decent DA in the next DA update. But nothing happens in the first update and in the second update of also.

Avoid: Never ever use Fiverr for your blog if you are concerned about your blog and want to make it an Authority Blog because people on Fiverr use some unethical ways to build backlinks. They will do too many comments of low-quality blogs and you will end with regret in last.

Keep your eyes on Broken Links

Keep your eyes on Broken Links on your blog. You can download Broken Link Checker for your WordPress blog. A Broken link can make a very negative impact on your blog as Google hate broken links. If there are any broken links then you can recheck them or update them.

These are some of the cautions which you must take care for your Authority Blog !!