Berks Nature works hard every day to help protect the natural resources in our community.  But don’t take our word for it.  Enjoy these testimonials as our members and friends become the voices of conservation!

“Thank you so much for having the 7th grade students of Kutztown visit the Burkholder farm. This opportunity was an incredibly eye opening experience for all involved. Teaching about farming practices, sustainability, clean water and buying locally is one thing, but actually seeing it in action is what changes the mind frame.”
~ Kutztown Middle School teacher about their farm tour with Berks Nature

“Thanks for taking the time to show us all the different plants and trees. Also, teaching us and showing us how trees grow. We had a great time!”
~ Webelo Cub Scout working on their Forester Badge

“Thanks for offering the workshops on composting and how to garden.We both found the workshop to be very informative and we learned a lot about composting…  in a way that we could understand and allowing us to participate by providing hands-on tasks which made us feel part of the workshop.”
~ Workshop attendee on Berks Nature’s Garden 101 Class

“As a member of the Pagoda Pacers Athletic Club, I wish to thank Berks Nature for its work in enhancing hiking, running & bicycling opportunities in the area.”
~ Avid runner on the great outdoor opportunities of Greater Reading

“In 2011 I walked about 200 miles and lost about 70lbs on trails throughout PA and MD. I drove all over finding trails new to me.  Yesterday a friend and I hiked the Gravity Trail (right in my own back yard.) What a gem of greater Reading! Beautiful job. There were times I could hardly believe I was so close to the city.”
~ Greater Reading Trail hiker

 “You and your staff did an awesome job today. It was the best acquisition celebration I’ve attended. You always do a top shelf job! Thanks and let me know what you may have lined up for the future.”
~ Attendee of land preservation celebration of the Oley Hills

“Not only do we not stop to celebrate our success, but we forget just how blessed we really are. Good job!”
~ Board Member on the completion of 582 acres of protected land in the Oley Hills

“My children had an amazing experience at Eco-Adventure camp.  I cannot say enough about the quality of the experience and the quality of the camp staff.  Please think about yearlong programming – we cannot wait until next summer!!”
~Eco-Camper Mom