Berks Nature is dedicated to proper land management practices on the property that we own. Our experienced staff visits our properties on a regular basis to maintain trails and signage, plant trees, clean-up trash, and control invasive species. Our goal is to maintain the open space for the benefit of those who visit these special places, and for the benefit of wildlife.

In addition, it is our perpetual responsibility to regularly monitor the 4,500+ acres on which we hold conservation easements. Annually, our land management staff visits the properties to monitor and enforce the easement terms and conditions. We also use this time to meet with the landowners if they wish to discuss property management matters with our staff.

We have created two funds at Berks Nature to support these activities. Our Stewardship Fund earns interest to help defray the costs of annual monitoring and enforcing the terms and conditions of the easement. The responsibility to monitor and enforce the easement terms and conditions is a perpetual responsibility and the Stewardship Fund is Berks Nature’s Funding “Insurance Policy” to carry out this obligation. All landowners that participate in Berks Nature’s Land Protection Program are expected to contribute to our Stewardship Fund at settlement. Our Property Management Fund is utilized to cover the costs of maintaining the properties that Berks Nature owns for the benefit of people and wildlife. If you would like information on how to contribute to these funds please call our office at 610-372-4992.