Our Mission


We believe that nature is essential to our quality of life.

Mission Statement: Berks Nature is the leading agent for the conservation of the environment in Berks County.

Vision Statement: “The vision of Berks Nature is to be a cornerstone of excellence in the stewardship of the environment. Clearly identified with our special mission, we strive to meet the ever-changing needs of the County and to conserve its heritage and essential character.

We provide environmental leadership, direct action, expertise, land use planning, advocacy, research, and education programs in accordance with the natural, historic, social, economic, and technical needs of the county and its many local communities.

Our staff, administration and leadership are uniquely qualified and committed to our mission and to helping Berks County embrace conservation at a local community level. We are committed to the creation of significant partnerships that directly support the needs of other local “on the ground” groups. We aspire to have our membership be active and engaged not only with Berks Nature, but also in their local communities.

In the midst of modern pressures on the land, we help Berks County maintain a large, healthy, natural environment. We seek to support and encourage rational land use planning and practices throughout the county.

In fulfilling these responsibilities we challenge and change attitudes, yet nurture a strong sense of respect and dignity for diverse disciplines and perspectives. We are recognized for our leadership and accomplishments. The impact of Berks Nature is readily visible – free flowing streams, natural vistas, open space and farmland, clean water, healthy forests and environment.”