LEED Certified Silver Recognition Inside

BioHaven Island
The BioHaven Island helps to filter stormwater runoff, removes excess nutrients that harm water quality, and provides wildlife habitat. Think of it as a floating island that improves water quality!

Outdoor Classroom
Our outdoor classroom provides a unique setting for outdoor learning with easy access to nature for hands-on experiences!

Wetlands and Boardwalk for Exploration
Wetlands help erosion control, protect fisheries habitats, help flood control, groundwater recharge and discharge, provide a natural filter, and protect rare species habitat. Angelica Park features an emergent wetland and a submergent wetland.

Healthy Riparian Corridor & Angelica Creek
Riparian areas are the land and habitat next to a stream. Riparian buffers (trees & plants) help filter sediment and pollution, reduce erosion, protect aquatic environments and organisms, and protect local habitats. Riparian buffers are very important!

Located Directly on a Popular Trail
The Nature Place has wetland trails (with a wetland ADA trail coming soon), Angelica Creek Trail, and has a connection to Greater Reading Trails and Schuylkill River Trail. Being located near trails allows bikers and hikers to utilize the trails and to safely access The Nature Place. Connect to Nature!

Rain Gardens
Our native plant rain gardens help to capture and filter runoff pollution, recharge ground water, conserve water, improve water quality, and create wildlife habitat.

Teaching Garden
Our teaching garden is incorporated into our summer day camp, preschool, and many other educational programs. Here we stress the importance of agriculture, local foods, composting, and the basics of gardening. This teaching garden also features plots that are accessible for all gardeners!

Compost Demonstration
Composting helps reduce methane emissions and other greenhouse gases, reduces the need for chemical fertilizers, provides carbon sequestration, enhances water retention in soils, and can be used to remediate soils that have been contaminated. Ask us about our worm composting station!

Monarch-Way Station and Pollinator Garden
Our beneficial pollinator garden provides milkweeds, nectar sources, and shelter needed to sustain monarch butterflies as they migrate through North America. It has been certified by Monarch Watch as an official Monarch Waystation!

Pervious Concrete Demonstration
Pervious concrete reduces the amount of untreated runoff discharging into storm sewers, recharges groundwater directly, and channels more water to tree roots. It requires special maintenance that did not make its use practical for all hard surfaces at The Nature Place.

Native Plant Demonstration
We feature numerous native perennials, grasses, shrubs and trees at The Nature Place. Native plants require less maintenance, less water, and are a good source of food for wildlife.

Bike Service Station and Bike Racks
The bike rack encourages people to ride bikes, instead of driving cars, which reduces greenhouse gas emissions. Bikers that are utilizing the trail system have a safe place to do necessary repairs while traveling.

Water Bottle Refill Station and Pet Fountain
The water bottle refill station encourages the use of reusable bottles instead of single-use plastic bottles. This minimizes the amount of plastic waste. Our pet fountain ensures that our four-legged friends stay hydrated too!

Nature Play Zone
The Nature Play Zone encourages children to explore, learn, and engage in unstructured free play in nature.

Storm Water Control
Angelica Park is designed to collect and filter stormwater. On-site, the parking lot, trails, and built surfaces have been designed to allow water to drain to the wetlands where the water will be filtered and recharge the groundwater.

Smart Car Preferred Parking
We encourage preferred parking for low emissions smart cars that are better for the environment.

Bus Stop
We are applying for a public bus stop that will stop at the parking lot, and Alvernia University has a shuttle that goes to Angelica Park. This encourages people to use public transportation instead of using cars, and also encourages people to visit The Nature Place!