Interested in volunteering?

Your involvement through one of our committees is welcome. Berks Nature utilizes a structured committee system to assist us in accomplishing the many goals that we have for the organization. It is our hope that our members, volunteers, and Board Members will embrace membership on a committee (defined below).

The Executive Committee is responsible for acting during intervals between meetings of the Board of Directors and may exercise most powers vested in the Board. The Executive Committee is composed of the Chair, the Vice Chair, the Treasurer, the Secretary and immediate past Chair of the corporation, including, the President.

The Finance Committee is responsible for the overall direction and control of the finances of the organization. This committee monitors the annual audit progress. No member of the Investment/Finance Committee may be a full-time employee of any bank or trust company which serves as a trustee, investment manager custodian or agent to the corporation. Unless otherwise prohibited from serving by virtue of the above, the Treasurer of the corporation shall be a member of the Finance & Investment committee.

The Nominating Committee is responsible for recommending to the Board of Directors candidates for election to the position(s) of Officer and Director of Berks Nature and the filling of vacancies as they occur from time to time.

The Environment Committee is responsible for advising the Board of Directors on threats to the natural environment and how Berks Nature might address those threats. This committee is representative of the professional and volunteer environmental community, and is very active in conservation projects throughout the year.

The Land Committee makes recommendations to the board regarding the acceptance of land or easements. Members of this committee consider long-term planning goals of the community as they discuss these important smart growth and conservation projects.

The Development Committee is responsible for participating in the establishment and implementation of an annual and long range plan for fundraising. Volunteers advise staff (and, at times, help implement) strategies on constituent outreach, annual membership campaign, attrition rate, and other fundraising projects as they arise. The Development Committee is also responsible for coordinating plans, outreach, and ideas in cooperation with the Marketing Committee of the organization; as needed, to advise on Berks Nature’s publicity and communications plans.

The Marketing Committee is responsible for advising on Berks Nature’s publicity and communications plans. Volunteers advise staff (and, at times, help implement) on communication plans, constituent outreach, and marketing ideas in cooperation with the Development Committee of the organization.

Berks Urban Greening Committee is responsible for promoting ideas and information by undertaking community gardening projects and by increasing community involvement in helping the environment through the greening process.

State of the Environment Steering Committee is responsible for working with Berks Conservancy staff to participate in the ongoing review, updates, and implementation of an environmental assessment for Berks County. The steering committee works with Berks Nature to provide expertise, guidance, and to be sure the context in which this data is collected and communicated is relevant and appropriate for Berks County. The steering committee is made up of members representing involvement and expertise in the following conservation focus areas: Air, Water, Land, Waste, and Energy.

The Penn’s Commons Neighborhood Association (affiliate program committee) shares our mutual goal of a healthy, clean and vibrant city. They are willing to work with Berks Nature as partners to address issues related to the Penn’s Common historic district and City Park.

These committees meet regularly and report to our Board of Directors. If you are interested in a committee please call us at 610-372-4992 or email