Berks Nature Ambassadors

Berks Nature is recruiting a dedicated  group of volunteers to be trained as “Berks Nature Ambassadors”. What does this mean? It means that you will receive basic training related to all of the good conservation work that we do. Upon completion of your training, you will officially become a volunteer Berks Nature Ambassador. Our Ambassadors are  our trained volunteers that can help train others, lead projects, answer questions, and simply help enhance and protect the environment!

Our Spring 2020 Ambassadors class begins their training in March. Applicatoin deadline is February, 28th. 

Interested in joining our next Ambassador’s class? Get an idea of what to expect by taking a look at this year’s application packet. Click Here to Download our 2020 Ambassadors Packet & Application!

Spring 2020 Ambassador Training Schedule

March 10th 6PM-8:30PM Welcome Night – Berks Nature 101

March 24th 6PM-9PM Education Training – How to educate others about the environment

April 4th 9AM-1PM Tree Planting – Get your hands dirty!

April 14th 5:30PM-8:30PM Field Trip to Earl Poole Sanctuary – Identifying Invasives

April 25th 9AM-4PM Hydrology Pt. 1 – Become a NASA data collector!

May 9th 9AM-1PM Hydrology Pt. 2

May 11th 6PM-8PM Ambassador Graduation!

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